"Dawn Ladd is an exceptional on-air guest and I highly recommend her for any product when it comes to selling on live TV.  In 13 years on HSN, she is the only Guest that I have trusted to represent my brand when I was not available.   She has represented my line, Prince Lorenzo's Royal Treatment, numerous times on HSN.  Not only was she extremely well prepared and knowledgeable, but she also was engaging, energetic and passionate.  This lead to the segments continually being over budget.  Five stars to Dawn!"


Prince Lorenzo Borghese


Royal Treatment

It was pretty much truly the luck of the draw in getting connected with Dawn as a representative for our brand.  This being our first experience with HSN we asked for recommended representatives and Dawn was at the top of the list. We were a little leery at first- having traditionally representing our baby- but we knew that we didn’t know what we didn’t know about television home shopping and sought the help of a pro.
Talk about a pro we could not have made a better decision. Dawn had great energy, definitely did her homework familiarizing herself with our product and presented a powerful segment in support of our Booster Bath brand. Moving forward we have one representative for our television advertising and are also eager to expand our use of Dawn’s services outside that medium.
If you have an opportunity, do yourself a favor and let Dawn be the face of your brand!      

Curt Olvey

Pet Stores USA

what clients say

dawn sexauer ladd

"Since meeting Dawn for the first time in 2012, we have become close colleagues in the pet industry. Dawn was kind enough to "show me the ropes" in regards to growing our business at HSN since she was a seasoned on air guest for some time before I was. I quickly recognized Dawn's passion for representing products that she believes in and the extra steps she takes to make all of her presentations, on and off air, the very best for both her clients as well as HSN. She toils over the details to ensure perfection. In fact, as our business continues to grow, I have asked Dawn to represent our brand on HSN a number of times and she does it with excellence. I completely trust Dawn to represent the company, our brand, and our products as it were myself. She is the only person, other than myself, who has been allowed to go on air with our products. This is an honor we hold near and dear and Dawn has earned our respect and admiration enough to feel completely comfortable using her. "

Joe Zuccarello

Director of Innovation and Promotion

Tropiclean Brand Pet Products

Dawn Sexauer Ladd


"Dawn is great at representing my product on-air.  Upon our initial airing, she took extra time to learn every detail about our company and the features and benefits of our product line so that her presentation was accurate and on-point. Her enthusiasm and energy help keep the viewers engaged and her compelling and sincere delivery consistently yields results.  We sold out in less than five minutes during one of our airings!  She is a true professional and provided feedback directly after the airings on sales and other details.  It is an extra bonus that she is located minutes from HSN studios which saves travel time and expense.  We wouldn't use anyone else!"

Nancy Volin


Pampered Pets USA