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"One of the thrills of television retailing is the immediate impact and results from LIVE TV!  It provides an invaluable opportunity to position a product based on immediate response--where a call out can be repeated, emphasized or the presentation can even 'switch gears' as a result of the response."

                                                                                                                                                   Dawn Ladd

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As an On-Air Guest and an HSN vendor myself, I bring a unique perspective to my clients because I have experienced the on-boarding process and know what to anticipate before, during and after your product launches on T.V.


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       My services as a Product Spokesperson/ On-Air Guest include:

  • A thorough and detailed review of each item and its uses, assembly, purpose, features and benefits
  • Show Plan- I will collaborate with your sales team to create a strategic, on-air sales plan including show flow, props, demos and CTA that will convey the brand essence of your product(s) in a compelling manner that will drive sales
  • Pre-Production & Communications / Meetings with HSN Producers to review show plan and supporting materials and set up
  • Pre-show management of collateral support materials including stills, copy, testimonials, call-ins and B-roll for use in promoting your brand and product(s) on-air
  • On-site Management  during on-air segments-overseeing set props, samples, support, etc.

       I am located just minutes from HSN studios, saving my clients time and money!

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